Rideshare Mitch

Driving Eau Claire Wisconsin and providing quality driver/rider training for all

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Uber: MitchC5114UI

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Sick of trying to find parking? Need a safe ride home after a Friday night out? Maybe just easier to get to work or school than taking yourself? Riding with Uber and Lyft is simple. A couple of major advantages are that instead of calling around for a ride and wondering when it will show up, with rideshare programs you can request is in an app and the request goes to the driver nearest you. From there you can typically view a fair estimate, do not need to yell over loud crowds and get an ETA and tracking when your ride is on the way. Remember to always driver sober, however, if you can not then choose an Uber or Lyft ride. For bonus and promotions feel free to use one of the above referral codes.