Rideshare Mitch

Driving Eau Claire Wisconsin and providing quality driver/rider training for all

Howdy there. My name is Mitch and this part of the website is my gift you future riders and drivers.Between here and social media you will find tools, tips and tricks as well as a full video course to be the best in rideshare (driver and rider). We will look into the tools used as well as general information to decide if this is for you and how to get involved. One thing I will not promise if you getting rich fast. The primary focus will be on actual everyday aspects in the rideshare service.

To give you some background outside of rideshare, my past includes working in retail management as well as manufacturing, search and rescue as well as general everyday volunteerism. The reason I have chose to driver is two parts: the first being to earn and save additional money to help the child I sponsor in the Phillipines have something for college and the second is due to my mom having been in a major and serious car accident by a drunk driver; which is why my focus is on weekend night driving to ensure everyone gets home safe and sound.

If you are thinking of becoming a driver, or are looking to become a rider and want more information, please check out my Youtube videos as they come out. This will give you great insight to the rideshare business and help you as a rider or driver be successful in every trip. When signing up please remember to subscribe on Youtube and also use one of the below referral codes (or both) so take advantage of any rideshare promotions going on.

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